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☆ READ THE RULES, THE FAQ, and check taken and reserves before applying ☆

This game is now CLOSED. Thank you for your interest.

If you have any questions or comments about what powers/abilities your specific character can/cannot have, use the bottom of the form below in your application.

» If you are asked to re-do some part of your application, please don't take offense! In order to get a real understanding of the character you're bringing to us, we may ask for you to add more. We also need to know you know your character as well.

» ONCE YOU'VE BEEN ACCEPTED: You are to follow the instructions in the moderator's comment and you must have your character updated within A WEEK'S time of being accepted. If there is failure to do so (without an explanation), then you will lose claim on the character. DO NOT JOIN THE COMMUNITIES BEFORE YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN ACCEPTED. Your request to join WILL be denied.

And when posting in asylumproject, remember to tag your entries with your character's name ONLY.

NAME/ALIAS: Can be your real name or a nickname.
PERSONAL LJ: You don't have to own one to join, it's just easier on us if you do.
AGE: Please be honest and keep in mind that the content of the game is not always suitable for all ages.
TIMEZEONE: Preferred but not required. Helps us plan events around everyone's schedules.
EMAIL: Required.
AIM/MSN/YAHOO: Please specify which. It's preferred but not required. Just a faster way of communication.
CHARACTERS YOU ALREADY PLAY: Only applicable to returning members picking up another character.
OVERALL ROLE PLAY EXPERIENCE: Just a quick estimate of how many years you've been role playing, what games you may have played at, and what formats you're most comfortable with. (Links to role play directory entries/pages are totally accepted in the event that you have too many characters/games to ever possibly list. :P)
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Community advertisement? Personal request (word of “mouth”)?

NAME: The character's full name, if applicable.
FANDOM: Where the character hails from and what version (manga/movie/book/video game/etc).
TIMELINE: Wherever you're playing them from (before/during/after the series). Try and pick a specific incident as a landmark if you choose to play them during the series.
AGE: Approximate age you're playing them as.
GENDER: Pretty standard. If the character lacks a defined gender, try to choose what they best associate with.
SPECIAL ABILITIES/STRENGTHS/POWERS: Summarize their abilities/strengths/powers that they possess in CANON. We ask that you avoid using fanon assumptions due to wild inaccuracies that could pop up. ***Keep in mind that your character may not always be allowed to keep their powers, and this could range from a temporary fix to a permanent one, and upon acceptance, the mods may point out what your character may and may not be allowed to keep.
PERSONALITY: Describe your character's personality. Be detailed! Try to talk about how they may handle friendships or stress, point out specific incidents in canon that may have changed their points of view, and briefly discuss how the abrupt change of environment (from their home to the game's) may affect them. At least two (2) good paragraphs are expected here.
BACKGROUND/HISTORY: Summarize your character's background, going into detail about specific events that are significant and relative to your character. Also remember to discuss the relationships they may have formed/broken during this time, and try to really give us a good feel for the type of life your character must have led up until this point. Once again, at least two (2) paragraphs are required. ***Keep fanon to a minimum, and properly label any fanon information you may have used in your application to avoid confusion.
WORLD/UNIVERSE: As a continuation of the history, we'd like to know a bit more about the world your character comes from. Nothing too fancy or long, just give us a taste of what the setting was. Was it a futuristic cyberpunk metropolis? A post-apocalyptic wasteland? A medieval fantasy land? Present-day Chicago? Also make sure to touch on the basics that your character would normally expect to come across in their day-to-day lives (ie: vampires roaming the streets, giant robots attacking skyscrapers, etc).
WHY THIS CHARACTER/THIS GAME?: Basically, what attracted you to playing this character in this particular setting? What clicked in your mind and inspired you to bring them here? Why do you think they would just work well in this setting?

While this question is mostly for curiosity's sake, it is also important that you, as a player, really take the time to think about how well and how long your character can survive in the environment you plan to throw them into. Some characters just do not mesh well with certain games and it's perfectly normal and understandable. At the same time, you have to remember that even though it's never serious business to drop a character, other people may have invested their time having their character get to know yours, only to have those interactions tossed away. So we ask that you just really think this decision through and avoid applying for any “spur-of-the-moment” characters that you are very likely to lose interest in after a month or two.

THIRD PERSON: This is where we want you to see you really break down a character's reaction to something, delving into their thought process and potential actions. Don't be afraid to be creative and don't worry about belting out the most words possible. Quality over quantity is certainly what we're looking for, so really take the time to give us a detailed look into how your character behaves and thinks. There is no specific prompt on what you have to write about, so it can be anything from a menial task in their own home world to their reaction to waking up in a mental facility. Choose a situation that you think will best represent how you perceive your character to behave based on different stimuli. At the very least, one paragraph is asked for, but more than that is encouraged.
FIRST PERSON: This is meant to be an example of how your character would post on an online forum or in a journal. While we do expect you to tap into your character's “voice”, keep in mind that even if your character speaks in an accent out loud, they may not take the time to type it out on an actual keyboard. Just keep things like that in mind while writing your sample while still retaining your character's individual way of speaking. We ask that you do not include “action” posts (ie: *sighs* -giggles- [smile]), as this is meant to show us you can grasp your character's voice, not just their actions.

If you do want to showcase your grasp of your character's accent, be sure to indicate where the text sample ends and where the voice sample begins. Keep in mind that this is optional (for funsies, really), but the text sample is not. Again, you don't have to do this, it's really just if you want to show off your goofy attempts at a French accent. :3

QUESTIONS/COMMENTS: If there's anything else you think is worth mentioning or asking, here is the place to do it. Make sure to read the FAQ and the RULES carefully and always keep in mind that AP is a living creature and often changes. Depending on what's going on at the time you submit your application, we may ask you to revise certain pieces to better adapt your character to our environment.

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