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Check frequently for updates on the condition of the Asylum
❖ THE GAME IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you for your interest.

Welcome to Tredecim Asylum. Where is it? How did you get here? No one knows. But you can find the answer for yourself...if you dare.

Tredecim Asylum is a place in a constant state of flux. From one week to the next, it could be a quaint, relaxing place devoted to healing, or a drab, lifeless, disorganized prison. And sometimes, it'll be something out of your worst nightmares.

If you want to survive, want to find the way out, want to find the answers to the mysteries of the Asylum, you're going to have to adapt quickly, move fast, and stay alert. Because who knows what the next shift will bring?

‹ posting to your journal_ ›

☆ All character's journal entries will be posted to asylumproject. This is basically to save you the trouble of having to constantly update all of your character's f-lists.

We do require that you TAG YOUR ENTRIES with your CHARACTER'S NAME only (we prefer first and last to save confusion, but if it's not applicable, don't worry about it).

Please make sure that special posts, like action, video, and voice are tagged as such by putting [ACTION], [VIDEO], or [VOICE] at the end of the entry's subject.

An example of an entry would be:

Subject: Character Name
Entry: Blah blah blah entry-type stuff goes here.

Tags: character name




The maintainers of the asylum feel that it is vital for all occupants to record their experiences and be able to communicate with the other patients. As a result, the patients have been provided with this shiny little gadget.


The a-Comm is a handheld device that the occupants can carry with them as they go about their day. The interface is touch screen (meaning that it will respond to the bearer's fingers or the provided stylus), and the asylum dwellers can convey their sentiments via typing, voice-to-text, voice, or video.


The device connects to a wi-fi network that works only within the confines of the asylum and, for the moment, only connects to the asylum forum. You can communicate with your fellow patients and other individuals within the asylum, patients or no, can communicate with you in the same way, but there is no connecting to the outside world. (But stay tuned! More applications may become available.)

‹ the asylum_ ›
a breakdown of where your character will be living

Each character, upon being accepted, will be assigned a letter-number combination (ie: MS-053). The letter represents the floor, and the number represents the room number.

Rooms ending in an odd number are located on the left side of the hallway. Rooms ending in an even number are located on the right.

Also, there are stairs and elevators here. While it may seem like there's only one elevator on either side of the hallway, the truth is, there are multiple, all using the same elevator shaft. How this works, no one will tell you. But just like any elevator, these can still somehow be unreliable, and are prone to breaking down every now and then with their passengers still inside.

First Floor - Yes, there is a a floor beneath the patient rooms now. Though the doors clearly say "entrance", they don't happen to function as an exit at this time. The glass is completely covered by black and they are impossible to break.

Standing directly from the one-way entrance, to your immediate left is the waiting area where there are a few couches and a plethora of chairs to make yourself comfortable while you wait for whatever it is you're waiting for. Scattered on the low coffee tables are outdated magazines in different (and sometimes unintelligible) languages.

Off to the side of the waiting area is a new chapel. The stained glass window is not real, with a wall on the other side, illuminated by lights between the wall and the window. Over the pulpit is not just a wooden cross, but signs of other faiths as well, to show that Tredecim really is a non-denominational facility. A place to relax, to pray, to meditate.

Right beside the chapel are the restrooms where you can do your business in the comfort of your own stall. Despite this being a hospital restroom, the cleanliness and upkeep will vary upon the layer of reality.

There's not much info to be gathered at the info desk, sadly, as none of the staff is able to actually answer many of your questions in a manner that goes beyond a simple "yes" or "no". If you require medical assistance, simply let them know and someone will be with you shortly to take you to an exam room where you will receive the care you need. Granted, we can't assure you that it will be 100% painless or that it will come without discomfort or mental anguish.
[NOTE: The exam rooms are only accessible if your character has an urgent need, if they are summoned down their via intercom, or if they have an appointment to do so. To schedule an appointment, reply to this entry IN CHARACTER.]

Cafeteria - The quality of the cuisine depends on the layer of reality that you're currently on (as detailed in the layer summaries below). It can be delicious on one, bland on another, and cause harmful effects on yet another. Some layers won't have food served at all. What will you do for food? Well, you'll have to get clever...

For our patients who are inclined toward the culinary arts, cooking therapy is available on the layers with human staff. During cooking therapy, you will be escorted into the kitchen to help with preparation of the food to be served for your fellow patients. Of course, your time in the kitchen will be very closely supervised.

Single Rooms - Each room is furnished in exactly the same way. The entire room is a sterile white, and the furniture is all made of steel. Everything is bolted down to the ground, so don't even try your feng-shui garbage here. There is one queen-sized bed with white starched sheets (how they magically starch themselves while you're gone is a mystery). Beside the bed is a nightstand, with a tiny reading lamp (also bolted down). Every ceiling is equipped with one ceiling-fan/ceiling-lamp, activated by two switches by the door. There is one small closet, where you will find all of your clothing/accessories/important trinkets from home (but not your weapons). There is also one full-length mirror on the wall beside it, which is resistant to shattering.

Your character is provided with a desk and a computer, where they will be expected to describe the events of their day in a journal. This computer does not allow them access any other websites or messenger services. In order to contact another character, you must do it through their journals.

There is a door to a bathroom located at the far end of the room, which includes a toilet, a sink, and a bathtub/shower. Again, there's a mirror located above the sink, which opens into a cabinet. For the most part, the cabinet is bare, save for your character's basics (ie: toothbrushes, toothpaste). Whenever you leave the room, it is restocked on its own, so no need to worry about running out of toilet paper. Also, the asylum uses shower gels, not bars of soap, because the doctors are tired of seeing them wasted on all the neat little animal sculptures people like to carve. No. Bad patient, bad.

Toiletries Supplied to Men:
1 Disposable Safety Razor (the blade cannot be removed and cannot cut skin)
1 Can of Shaving Cream
1 Stick of Generic Antiperspirant
1 Box of Condoms

Toiletries Supplied to Women:
1 Package of Sanitary Napkins
1 Box of Tampons
1 Disposable Safety Lady's Shaver (the blade cannot be removed and cannot cut skin)
1 Can of Shaving Gel
1 Stick of Generic Deodorant

Double Rooms - Characters with a roommate will have a room with the same things as the single rooms. The difference is that each character will be assigned their own half of the room, and rather than a queen sized bed, there is only a twin-sized bed supplied. Unlike the single rooms, the beds are not bolted down, so feel free to push them together. However, the mattresses are firmly attached to the frames, and the frames will not fit through the doorways no matter which way you turn them around, so no getting clever and trying to take the bed out of the room. The closets are also side-by-side on one side of the room.

Double rooms have a shared bathroom that is identical to the bathroom in the single rooms, so how you coordinate using the bathroom is left up to the characters who are sharing. However, all of the toiletries are doubled, and will usually be available in two different colors per room to prevent accidentally using someone else's toothbrush or razor. These colors are the same in every double room:

Men's Double:
Toothbrushes: One red, one blue
Razors: One yellow, one green

Women's Double:
Toothbrushes: One pink, one yellow
Razors: One white, one purple

The Recreation Building - This is actually its own separate building, connected by the garden. In this building, you'll find multiple rooms, all of them taking you to a different area.

First Floor:
+ Main Hall - A large, mostly empty area right when you come into the building. The pool is directly ahead, the stairs to your left, and a first aid station to your right. Whether the station is manned and by whom depends on the layer.
+ Indoor Pool - Depending on the layer of reality, the pool can be clean, nicely heated, and a relaxing place to swim, or it can be chilly or dirty. In still others, it can be a danger to be avoided. A closet of pool supplies will provide things like foam noodles, diving sticks, goggles, and inflatable pool chairs. There are changing rooms and showers for men and women on either side of the pool.

Second Floor:
+ Arts & Crafts - Glitter, non-toxic paste, cotton balls, plastic craft lace, yarn, dull safety scissors...if it's the sort of thing you'd trust a kindergartener with, it can be found here for your recommended dose of art therapy.
+ Music Room - In this room, you'll find an assortment of instruments. There is a plain upright piano, although on some layers, it may be locked, as well as an acoustic guitar, a box of plastic recorders (feel free to take those with you or label yours, as no one's likely going to want to play it after you've had your mouth on it), and some books offering beginning lessons in all of these instruments. Music is the best therapy, after all.
+ Electronic Entertainment - Video games! Primarily stand-up cabinets, like those found in arcades, although there is a television (don't bother changing the channel: you can't) with a somewhat out of date video game system attached. The controllers are firmly attached to the system, and the system is firmly attached to the TV stand. Only one disc is available for the system (and it's permanently stuck in the system), although it has a compilation of four games on it: an RPG/Adventure, a first person shooter, a racing game, and a puzzle game.
+ Theater - A large screen and several comfy chairs. Every night, a new movie is screened, but it will always be a gentle family flick with nothing that would disturb the patients. At least, on certain layers...
+ Yoga - Yoga mats are provided for the patients. They can work on their own yoga forms, or take cues from an instructor. Who will be teaching the class, of course, depends on the layer.
+ Gym - A selection of gym equipment like a rowing machine and a treadmill. Fitness is important, after all. There are no loose weights, barbells, or the like here: all of the machines are one piece. There are also chin-up bars bolted to the wall.

The Library/Medical Building - It's own separate building, the first floor is a library, with many stacks and many books. Depending on the layer, the books could be nothing but harmless classic fiction, strange and non-translatable gibberish, or could even provide valuable clues as to what exactly is going on here. There are computers here as well, which, unlike patient computers, will have the catalog of the books available.

On the second floor is the medical area. After all, the patients have to be healthy! There is a waiting room, with more computers, these ones with access to "NetMD" to fuel your hypochondria before you are seen. There is a dental suite, a surgical suite, and a trio of exam rooms. If it's a dire medical emergency, Fran is always in Exam C, ready and eager to help!

Outside Recreation Area - There is a spacious outdoor area, so that patients don't feel quite as claustrophobic. In the shed, you can find basketballs, soccer balls, even a cheap net, rackets, and shuttlecocks for a game of badminton, or volleyballs if you prefer. Whether the shed is unlocked or not depends on the layer of reality you're currently on. There is a basketball court, many flowers, and the pride of the Asylum, a plant affectionately named "Rex". How Rex looks and behaves will depend on the layer as well. There is a greenhouse for our green thumbs, but what it contains and whether it is available will also depend on the layer.

There is also an outdoor smoking area for patients. On most layers, the cigarettes are provided one at a time by the nurses, who also light them for the patients (after all, can't have everyone running around with a means to make fire, can we?). Smoking must remain outside: if you attempt to go inside with your cigarette, you'll set off the fire alarms and sprinklers, which will soak your cigarette so that it is useless, and won't make your fellow patients too happy. On the layers where the nurses won't provide cigarettes, well...you'll see.

‹ reality layers_ ›
the layers of reality the asylum will exist on

Layer #1 - The topmost layer of reality within Tredecim. On this level, you can actually see how this place could be considered a hospital: everything is spotlessly clean. The beds are comfortable and warm, providing the best night's sleep you'll get in this place. The food is delicious and of the highest quality. The clocks are actually ticking away the time, and outside, the sun is shining high, night only returning at its normal scheduled time. Rex is nothing more than a large, beautiful rose bush in full bloom with stunning pink roses, the prize of the Asylum (be careful: roses still have thorns!).

The elevators are in normal working order, although the basement is still inaccessible. Neither hide nor hair of the likes of Fran or Pyramid Head in this layer of reality. Everything perfectly nice, perfectly pleasant...perhaps a little too much so. For the now completely human staff smiles a little too much, and although they'll talk to you, their sickly sweet voices only provide vague non-answers to your questions. They seem a little...zombie-like.

Areas: Exam rooms, storage rooms, and empty rooms are still locked tight against the patients. All patient areas are accessible and as marked on the maps.

Powers/Weapons: Unavailable on this layer.

Threats: None, except for those that the patients imagine.

Other: The pool is currently completely clean and well-heated. Patients should have no trouble getting a cigarette if they ask for one. The shed is unlocked, with the usual assortment of sports equipment available inside. The greenhouse is available, with an assortment of normal plants within. The library contains an assortment of classic literature. Religious literature can be found on the pews within the chapel (the Bible (KJV), the Torah, the Qur'an, et cetera).

Layer #3 - Conditions in the asylum have begun to visibly worsen. The weather outside is now constantly rainy and dreary. Grime has begun to collect in the once spotlessly sterile corners and crevices of the asylum. The beds are hard, uncomfortable, and furnished with scratchy linen sheets. The food is utterly bland and unpalatable. Rex the rosebush has now transformed into Rex the corpse flower.

Areas: Exam Room B is still unlocked and open to the public. The Staff Room A is now unlocked. Inside is a large, sprawling map of sorts that covers the walls and spans the entirety of the room. The map is not covered in land masses, but by clusters of concentric circles. Photographs of asylum members past and present have been pinned to these clusters with push pins that are connected to one another with differently colored strings. An observant person may note that the photographs of those from the same world have been grouped together. An even sharper person will realize that all those presently in the asylum are connected to one another with yellow string. The Electronic Entertainment room no longer holds the video game systems from before and entertainment equipment from before. Instead, it has been turned into a storage room to house old, obsolete computers which some of the older residents might recognize. The Yoga Room, Music Room, and Greenhouse have been closed off to the public. The Chapel will still look the same, save for the fact that all the religious literature is now missing.

Powers/Weapons: Unavailable

Threats: The staff is now entirely undead. The grunts are back full force and Fran has returned to Exam Room C, offering her own special brand of 'care' to the patients. The standard rules apply: if you threaten the nurses or cause property damage the grunts will come after you. If you are injured and Fran finds out she will send the grunts to fetch you for your 'treatment.'

Other: The library now contains extensive files on the background of all the patients, past and present, including medical records and personal histories. Good luck trying to hide your own files from others as there are multiple copies of each distributed randomly throughout the library. Cigarettes are still available, but you may have a hard time getting the zombie nurses to register what it is you want.

Layer #4 -Things have continued to deteriorate. There are more grunts now, and everything is darker and dingier than the previous layer. In the garden Rex is back, and though he doesn’t have any vines with which to pull you in that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful! It is once again constantly dark out, with the exception of the ever-shining full moon.

Inside the elevator there is now a basement button where there wasn't one before. It does not light up and can't be pushed in. When one boards the elevator the floor buttons they press will light up, either the elevator will shake without closing it's doors, leaving its operator to walk to the stairs for transport, or the doors will close and the occupant will feel the sensation of moving between floors (and a rather violent, shaky ride it will be) only to find that the doors will open to the very same floor that they'd started out on.

Finally, while the only things here that will really harm you are the more abundant grunts, and Fran, some strange effects are starting to occur from the food again. Also, the images of monsters will appear, but they are only intangible ghost-like shadow versions, and can not harm you.

Areas: The areas that were open or locked on layer 3 are still in the same states.

Powers/Weapons: Unavailable

Threats: You still have to watch out for Fran and the (now more numerous) Grunts. Rex the man-eating fly trap has returned to the garden as well.

Other: The green house is also open now, but the shed is still locked. And it has suddenly become impossible to get anything at all out of the staff, so smokers are once again out of luck. Also, the stacks in the library have yet again changed to extensive medical files including information on shock treatments, lobotomies, and medical histories, only now they are about people that no one has ever heard of.

Layer #5 - The atmosphere has decayed even more, and many of the lights flickering or out entirely. Everything from the walls to the floors to the furniture looks very old, cracked, or dark and dingy. There is broken glass everywhere, and random neglected hospital items (like wrecked wheelchairs or gurneys) lying about. There is not a nurse in sight, and not even the grunts are more scarce. In the Library, the books are badly decayed and damaged. If you can find bits that are still in tact enough to read, the fragments seem very important, yet still don’t offer anything concrete.

Outside, it is still constantly dark, with only a sliver of a moon that is usually covered by ominous clouds. The shed is ‘locked’ but the old padlock is rusted through, and can very easily be busted open. Inside one can find not only weapons, but small stashes of alcohol, cigarettes and lighters. Tucked away with these more 'frivolous' items can be found the occasional worn, sparse journal. They seem to be journals from soldiers who were once stationed at the asylum from a time long ago when it was apparently converted to a medical base. There are a few mentions of hauntings and unusual threatening sightings.

Areas: All of the Exam Rooms, Staff Rooms, and Storage Closets are now open, but the Chapel, Yoga Room, Theater, Electronic Entertainment Room and the Music Room are now closed. The arts and crafts room is void of anything but a few broken tables and chairs. On the walls cryptic warnings, cries for help, and odd ominous symbols are finger-painted in a dried, cracking reddish-brown substance, that one might guess is blood. The pool is filthy and algae-covered, with small bones floating on top of the water. Every now and then you may see a new bone rise to the surface from the murky depths of the pool, or you might even run into the kappa gnawing on one! The exam rooms appear to have been ransacked, with numerous different kinds of medical supplies- scalpels, needles, bandages etc.- sparsely scattered in disarray.

Powers/Weapons: Closets, 'Empty' Rooms, and the Shed in the garden now all house weapons. There are mostly melee weapons like pipes, baseball bats, and knives. If you are lucky you may also find a gun, though you will be stuck with only the ammo it comes with. There are also character specific weapons about, so look around with a [mod call] and you will be told what there is to be found. Powers are available on this level, with the nerfs you were provided.

Threats: Fran is still present, as are a few grunts. Monster levels 1-5 are now unlocked and roaming the asylum in places. Levels 6-10 are appearing as transparent apparitions that cannot harm anything. Yet.

Other: The invite policy in people’s private rooms is not effective in this layer. Anyone, including fellow asylum-dwellers, Fran, and the monsters, can get in without permission from those who occupy the rooms. In the Cafeteria, food is no longer being prepared and served. You will have to fend for yourself, but luckily the kitchen and pantry have all been let unlocked.

Layer #6 -Things are still in a state of utter decay and disrepair. Outside, it is constantly night, but now a thunderstorm is raging outside. Yes, this means your character can be hit by lightning. The elevators are now prone to trapping people up to an entire day. Asylum-dwellers who dare to take the elevator can hear Pyramid Head rattling to get at the elevator car and/or feel him close by, but can't see him. Rex is still a man-eating fly trap with vines to pull in suspecting passersby, but now there are a dozen little mini-Rexes surrounding him. Only the original is big enough to swallow you whole, but hte rest are perfectly capable of taking a nice chunk out of you.

Areas: All of the Exam Rooms, Staff Rooms, and Storage Closets are still open, and the Arts and Crafts Room, Yoga Room, Electronic Entertainment Room and the Music Room are closed.

The theater is in a state of disrepair and all items have been removed from it, save for a dirty sheet on one end of the room and an old projector stood up on the opposite side. Most times it will show snow or disjointed frames, the images of which can't be made out. When the recording is rolling clearly, footage of a past patient's lobotomy is shown. In great detail. With multiple close-ups.

The chapel has utterly changed in demeanor and purveyance. It is a dark, sinister place with a foreboding air. The pews are gone and the altar now resembles shallow slab big enough for a grown man to fit on with what appear to be four shackles at each corner. On the side of the altar is an inscription: يجيء الشذاذ  For those who read Arabic, it translates to "The abnormal ones are coming." There is a tattered text in the corner of the room. Most of it is burnt, torn, or covered in dried blood to the point of being unreadable. However, the text that can be read says "He knows the gate. He is the gate. He is the key and guardian of the gate." On the wall written in dried blood is the phrase, "Past, present, and future. All are one." Other symbols are scrawled on the walls, but they are of a foreign nature that cannot be interpreted.

Powers/Weapons: Same as Level 5, weapons (largely melee, but some fire arms can be found with only the ammo they come with) can be found in the empty rooms, closets, and shed. There are also character specific weapons about, so look around with a [mod call] and you will be told what there is to be found. Powers are available on this level, with the nerfs you were provided.

Threats: Fran is still present, though only the grunts that are at her beck and call are around. Monster levels 1-10 are now unlocked and roaming the asylum where specified. Viewing where you are going through the video feed feature of the a-Comm will reveal ghostly figures walking about the halls. However, when you look at the scene with your own eyes, the ghosts are nowhere to be found.

Other: Your characters will not wake up in their rooms at the beginning of this level but, instead, will find themselves waking in the common area of your choosing. They can make their way back to their rooms but, be warned, they are likely to run into something nasty there in the form of one of the monsters that are listed as prone to entering the rooms. Like Level 5, the room permissions are not in effect and anyone can come and go as they please.

Layer #7 -The sky is now blood red, casting an eerie glow over the outside of the asylum. Inside isn't much different, the only light is cast by blinking red emergency lights. The whole of the facility has taken on a different tone. It no longer resembles a hospital so much as an industrial warehouse or factory of sorts. The walls are made up of rusted plate metal and heavy chains hang from the ceiling, occasionally ending in a hook. (Yes, the chains are removable.) In the garden, everything is completely dead and withered, save for our friend, Rex. The dozens of miniature versions of Rex clustered around the larger "head" of the group are now acting like pods during pollination season. They now release spores that are mildly poisonous and will make your character fall ill (violent coughing, nausea and vomiting, vertigo, and hallucinations) if said character does not pass out on the spot.

Areas: All of the Exam Rooms, Staff Rooms, and Storage Closets are still open, and the Arts and Crafts Room, Yoga Room, Electronic Entertainment Room, Music Room, and the Theater are closed. The Basements is now open  (though, only those 'chosen' to be brought to the Basment under the medical building will be able to enter there.) The only way to access the basements is via the elevators, with all the risks that entails.

The basements underneath the main and recreational buildings contain a stash of more effective weapons. It has a very unsettling air about it and feelings of guilt and sorrow seem to be amplified the more one explores. There are moderately sized rooms, all made of concrete block with dirt floors, each missing one wall in lieu of an actual door. Weapons can be found in each and better weapons can be found as you progress.

If one is daring or lucky enough in their exploration of the basement under the main building (a tall order since Pyramid Head lurks about the basement areas) they will find a large, five-sided open room at the heart of the structure. On each wall of the central room is rendered this symbol. In the center lies a large metallic structure that mimics this symbol: a large dias with eight sharp, thick spears jutting out of it. On the top of the dias a pentagram is drawn and, in the center of the pentagram is rendered an odd symbol that resembles something between a Y and a Z. Other arcane symbols are included inside the points of the pentagram. In the corners of the room are set urns filled with a mix of sugar, salpeter and incense.

Powers/Weapons: Powers are now completely unnerfed. Whatever your character could do before, they can do now. (Save for a few special cases involved in the plot who know who they are.) The basic melee weapons and occasional fire arms can still be found in the closets, empty rooms, and sheds. The basements underneath the main building will yield caches of ammo, decent quality guns (ranging from simple pistols to automatics), a variety of more sophisticated weapons such as swords, and halberds, and any special weapons that may have been confiscated from your character or others that have occupied the asylum at one time.

Threats: The grunts are no longer present. Fran extremely scarce, though someone might see her coming and going from a certain locked room. She's a busy lady at the moment and will not have time to attend to your character. Pyramid Head IS wandering around the basements and is not counted as a beatable opponent.
Monster levels 1-10 are still in effect.

[NOTE: The layers will be added as they are revealed in-game.]

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