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☆ please read this page over carefully before applying ☆

★ This game is now CLOSED. Thank you for your interest.

o1 // Keep IC and OOC drama separate. Not everyone is going to get along, we know that. Both in-character and out, it's human nature for someone to have that one (or more) person that they just do not get along with. But just because someone's character doesn't happen to like your character, that doesn't necessarily mean that the player themselves is attacking you. If it bothers you that much, talk to the player in question and try and see where their character is coming from. If it gets terribly out of hand, report it to a mod who will try their best to resolve the issue.

On the reverse side, if you happen to have a problem with a player, don't take it out on their characters by having yours attack them at every corner. If you really have a problem with that person that you don't think can be handled by a mod, ignore them. You won't be penalized if you just choose not to interact with that person. We're not going to force you to be best friends with everybody. Be mature and just walk away if you don't think it's a problem that can be solved.

o2 // Be active. We will address this here and now. An RP cannot be successful if you aren’t active. Once you are accepted, you character needs to update within a week of being accepted. After that, entries should be made at the minimum of once every two weeks. Also, commenting needs to be kept up on. While we do realize that not every character is going to be a social butterfly, don’t ignore other muses just because they don’t fit in your immediate plans.

Please be aware of how much time you have available in your personal schedule before joining here (or taking more than one character). As much as we love seeing fresh faces, it becomes a bit of a drag to have characters keep popping up and then disappearing for long periods at a time. There's only so much a hiatus can do, and if your real life really doesn't afford you the time necessary to update here once every two weeks (at the very least), then maybe this isn't the game for you. As harsh as it is to say, we're not responsible for managing your schedule for you and if you can't do at least the minimum amount of activity here, then you're better off finding a slower-paced game.

We also ask that you avoid playing "musical chairs" with your characters. We are all prone to picking up characters on a whim sometimes, but please try to really think through your character choices. If we see you constantly picking up characters and then dropping them, we may ask that you not apply for a new character again for a certain amount of time. Not only is this more work for the mod team, but it's inconvenient for the players and their characters to take the time to get to know a new face only for you to drop them again.

We reserve the right to deny a second application based on whether or not we feel you can juggle more than one. If you're not active with your first, you probably won't do too well trying to update for two, eh? That doesn't mean you can't apply for them again in the future, if it seems your life isn't so hectic that you couldn't manage.

o3 // Do not God-mod. This should be clear enough by itself, but we'll elaborate a bit, since it still happens often. Do not tell others what to do, and do not try and control someone else’s character. Unless the mun specifically tells you so, you do not know how the other character is thinking/feeling in a situation. Don't write from the perspective of someone else's character unless the other mun tells you that you may. If you are unsure of an action, ask the mun before taking action.

It's a no-no. Always make sure to get the other player's permission before doing something that will directly affect them physically or mentally. Just because you know what the other character is thinking doesn't mean that your character necessarily does. Basically, always make sure it's cool with the other person, and if they go to you privately asking you to change something because they didn't give you their permission, don't cause a stink over it. Just edit your post or whatever and learn from the experience.

Also, your character is not invincible here. It doesn't matter if they were God/Jesus/Satan/Jennifer Lopez back in their own universe, they're just as vulnerable to illness, physical attacks, etc, as anybody else here now. Try to keep this in mind when choosing your characters if you really don't think you'll be able to play down their mega-awesome super-powarz.

o4 // Stay in character. This should be a given but it's up here in case nobody is aware of it. We realize that this is a game and you're already taking a character out of what they're used to and throwing them into a situation that they're not. We get that. But there is a fine line between interpretation and straight out fucking up characterization. If you're playing a new character that you're not used to, PLEASE be careful with them and pay close attention to how they were in their canon universes. Hell, even if you're playing a character you've played at millions of other places before this, PLEASE be aware of your characterization.

Characters change based on what happens in their "lives", we get that. But please try to keep these changes within reason and believable. If Harry Potter decides out of the blue that he suddenly wants to become goth and totally hates the world and whatnot, you can expect that the mods will have something to say.

If we DO come to you about your characterization, PLEASE don't take it personally and get butthurt. If we ask for an explanation for your character's behavior, please set aside the attitude and just explain it to us, okay? If you get attitude, it makes us less sympathetic to your case which may be harsh but it's true. We're human.

o5 // Be aware of your character's universe and time line. Much like the rule above this one, please pay attention to the time period and universe your character hails from. Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 will most likely have no idea who Christina Aguilera is and will not own a CD of her greatest hits. Sorry Cloud, but you're not a Genie In a Bottle.

Another offshoot of this rule is: BE CAREFUL WITH THE CHATSPEAK. Yeah, it's funny. Yeah, we love a good laugh. And yeah, we're all pretty much guilty of the occasional "lol" every now and then. Does that mean your character would actually know about these terms, however? Not at all.

Some characters ARE aware of terms such as: BRB, LOL, etc. But just because one character is doesn't mean that everyone else automatically is. So before you start cramming your responses full of net lingo, please take the time to seriously think about whether or not your character would really have any knowledge of these things. This doesn't mean your character can't learn these terms over time, but when they first start out? Don't expect them to be internet pros.

Crack is funny, we really love it, but sometimes it gets WAY out of hand.

o6 // Be aware of the content of the game. While we have no official age-limit for this game, this game does cover a wide range of topics including (but not limited to!) death, drugs, explicit language, sex, and violence. Because of this, the game is not suitable for minors and we ask that if any of these topics concern or disturb you, you avoid applying at all. We won't be held responsible if you join, despite knowing this, and then end up getting offended. We do ask that logs that contain explicit material be properly marked, under an lj-cut, and in some cases, locked to community members only.

o7 // Character limit is set to FIVE. Currently, the character limit is set to five (5). After you claim your fifth character, you will not be able to claim another at this time. This may change in the future, but don't base your plans around that. We will only do this based on the level of activity we're seeing.

o8 // No original characters. This is a multifandom RP and we are not accepting OCs. This may or may not change in the future. Again, don't base your plans around that.

o9 // Respect the mods. No seriously. We're the ones that make and manage this game, and even if you don't like us personally, the least you can do is respect us for letting you play here. We're not expecting everyone to adore every choice we make and that's fine! You're entitled to your own opinions. But keep in mind that snarky attitude is not appreciated when we're already managing this community for you to play in. If you have a problem with something any of us do or have done, please take it up with us. We don't bite, we won't get mad at you for having a different opinion. Just let us know and we'll try to come up with a solution that benefits everyone involved.

We want feedback from our players! It helps us see where we've gone wrong and how to make this a better game. But we do not want or need your sass. Be respectful when you have critique for us, is that so hard? And if you get attitude with us, please don't think we're not human enough to give attitude right back. We're human too, that's just how humans behave. So to really avoid needless bitchfights back and forth, just be respectful, please? We'll be respectful right back at you.

1o // Respect the players. As stated above, we're not going to hold you to crazy-ass standards and expect you to love and appreciate everybody. That's just foolish. But we are going to expect that our members be at the very least civil and respectful. Don't go out of your way to harass another player either in-game or out of it. If the mods catch this behavior, we will step in and take it up with you privately.

Likewise, if someone is harassing you or you feel as though they are, don't be afraid to talk to a mod instead of retaliating. If you let us know, we'll try to understand both sides of the story (if there even is one) and try to solve the problem.

11 // Plans that have the potential to affect the entire community must be taken up with a mod FIRST before you put it into play. We love when players come up with their own ideas so by all means, plot your hearts out. But if your idea has the potential to affect the community as a whole, you are required to get mod clearance beforehand. We need to know the details of what's going on or else our official events may end up clashing and causing a real mess of things.

And if we deny you the idea, it doesn't mean we have anything against you. There could be many reasons your idea will be turned down. Whether or not we feel it's appropriate for the setting, for one thing. If we don't believe your idea will "fit" in with the mood of the game, we might deny it. If we feel it will needlessly hurt other players, we may also deny your idea.

Basically, come to us first to be safe so no unwanted drama happens, okay?

12 // We accept non-humans! We do. But if you have a question about how life in Tredecim will affect your non-human, contact a mod before applying. For the most part, everyone here is susceptible to drugs, diseases, and whatever else this game will throw your way. But just to be safe, come to us first and we'll try to clear things up.

13 // Character death. It can happen. Contact a mod before you let decide to off your character. This will be explained in greater detail [here - LINK WILL BE POSTED SOON]

14 // Your application says a lot about what we can expect from you, so please try to put out work you can be proud of. It's obvious that applications aren't always everyone's favorite part of the role play experience, but it's a necessary evil nonetheless.

We expect you to do your own work, not copy and paste an article from Wikipedia. The whole application process is so that we can see how you understand this character to behave and what you know about this character. We don't need to know what Wikipedia knows, we need to know what you know. If we find that your application has been copied from another source that does not belong to you, we will not accept your application and it will be discussed among the mods if we will allow you to re-apply as that same character.

If you are applying for a character for the first time, you will not be allowed to apply for a second character for 30 days. We want to see how active you are, how well you get along with the other players, and just how you take to the game in general before we let you start piling on more characters.

15 // Dropping a character. Sometimes they're just not cut out for you. That's fine. It can't be helped, right? The drop post is located [here]. Again, make use of this feature if you're going to drop. Don't just post in the OOC comm "Hey, I'm leaving" and then leave it at that. OOC communities tend to move at a rate that sometimes the mods can't keep up. USE THE DROP POST IF YOU HAVE TO DROP A CHARACTER. That way there is no extra digging around for your post and there's no question of whether or not you were sticking around. Also be sure to leave all of the communities to make it easier on us to stay organized.

But just because we have this handy little drop post doesn't mean we want to see you dropping and picking up characters like crazy. Not only does it add extra work for the mods that could have been avoided, it also puts a burden on the other players who invested their own time on you and your character.

When you apply for a character, be as sure as you can possibly be that you will be able to give this character the attention and time necessary to play them correctly. Don't be a flake just because you want to "try on" different characters and can't make up your mind. Be considerate of other people who invested time in the characters you keep bringing in and dropping.

☆ Most of these rules are pretty standard, and it's understandable if you're sick of reading the same things over and over again. However, we appreciate you taking the time to read these through before applying. To let us know that you've read the rules and agree to follow them, put zombies are delicious in the subject title of your application. ☆

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