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☆ This game is now CLOSED. Thank you for your interest. ☆

★ What is the level of technology available in Tredecim?
The inside of the hospital appears to be very highly advanced, with machinery being made out of nearly indestructible metals. But could all this technology be part of the problem...? That is for your characters to find out on their own.
Each character is issued an a-Comm a hand held communication device that, while sleek and modern, is very limited, only allowing characters access to the asylum's forum. It is capable of issuing text, voice-to-text, voice and video posts.

★ What is outside of the asylum?
Currently, nothing that your characters are able to access or see. The walls are high, the windows show only impenetrable brick, and there is an invisible barrier in place that keeps people from escaping the Outdoor Recreational Area by aerial means..

★ Is there an age-limit to characters that can join?
Not exactly, but there is a content limit. If a character is clearly under the age of consent (or is too young to even know what that term means), we ask that you not throw them into sexual situations without any real reason. While we understand these are just fictional characters, there are some things that just shouldn't be done if it can be helped. Since our game isn't exactly the most friendly environment for adults, it is probably even less so for a minor.
☆ Can I "bump up" my character's age?
Within reason, yes. But to be on the safe side, please go to a mod before meddling with a character's canon age. There are some situations where we may not allow this (such as if the character comes from a currently on-going series and their storyline is subject to change as they get older). But for the most part, characters that have already become deceased in their series or are from series that has ended are pretty much given the green-light if you want to fiddle around with their ages a bit.

☆ What if my character's age wasn't defined in canon?
Go with your best guess, really. Take their surroundings, lifestyle, and storyline into consideration and make your honest guess. Again, keep it within reason. If he comes from a regular "day-to-day living" series where no supernatural activity is involved, he probably won't appear 10 years old and then end up being 70 in reality.

★ What happens if my character gets into a fight?
☆ Level 1:
If your character starts a violent altercation, he or she will be tackled and sedated by a burly male orderly, and then taken to a "quiet room" for 24 hours. Yes, you lose your character for a day (they have their A-comm confiscated). The "quiet rooms" are padded cells containing nothing but a single bed and a toilet.

In the event that your character becomes injured during a fight, the orderlies will dress their wounds to the best of their ability, given the resources of the asylum. Healing takes the same amount of time and care that it would in the the real world.
★ Can my character die?
In the world of Tredecim, it IS possible for your character to die. This doesn't always mean they'll stay dead, however, which is what sets Tredecim apart from our own world. The doctors invested time in your character, after all, and if you croak before they're ready, they may take it upon themselves to revive you. Basically, it's like respawning from a save point in a game. With a penalty.
If your character dies within the game and are revived by the doctors, your character may come back with a certain defect or mutation of some sort. Generally, these defects or mutations are only temporary (time-frame of the rebirth effect will be discussed on a case-by-case basis). Typically, they're harmless. Sometimes.

When planning to kill/rebirth your character, you must speak with a mod first and receive clearance.

★ What happens to my character when I choose to drop them?
In most cases, a character that is dropped will quietly disappear from the game. If you were to investigate their room, their personal belongings will have been removed and in the case of people rooming by themselves, the door will remain locked. You can choose to allow your character to leave behind a few small personal gifts to other characters, but for the most part, all traces of your character have been erased.
Eventually, upon dropping a character, players will be allowed to offer their dropped characters up for various other small plot devices. Some characters may end up in the cafeteria as mystery meatloaf or food for the vampires, some may be dragged away by the grunts to be used as more experiment fodder for the doctors, as well as a few other creative ways to meet their demise. At the moment, the option to choose your character's demise is not available, and they will all simply disappear quietly as stated before.

★ I'm not happy with the time-line I've chosen for my character. Can I "reset" them?
The mods will accept requests to reset a character as long as you can provide a reason. Don't stress, reasons can be as simple as saying you just want to play your character from a different point in their time. Hell, sometimes our character's canon is a living thing and it keeps moving on without us. There's no reason why we won't let you play catch-up. Simply contact a mod, let us know what you're planning, then re-submit your application with all the necessary changes you plan to make.
☆ Will my character keep their memories?
If you choose to reset your character and re-apply for them at a later point in their canon, then you may pick and choose certain memories for them to suddenly retain. However, realize that once your character returns to their world, they lose their memories of their time at the asylum. It is only upon returning to the asylum that they may start to remember what's going on.
☆ Do they have to remember?
Certainly not! If you would prefer your character get a "fresh start", that's fine too. Use your best judgment and have fun with it!

★ Can my character interact with staff members?
It depends on the type of NPC you plan to interact with, but for the most part, yes. For more information, it is suggested you read this: NPC INFORMATION. For all NPC interactions other than the general nursing staff, it is required that you contact a mod for clearance or guidance.

★ Are rooms able to be entered freely or are the doors secured?
Each character's private room is equipped with a high-tech locking system with a six-digit access code known only by the staff members. For the most part, characters are not allowed to enter a room that isn't theirs unless at least one of the owners is present. For instance, if Character A tries to enter Character B's room while B is not present, the door will be locked and Character A will not receive access.
All doors automatically lock themselves when both assigned occupants leave, and unlock themselves when one or both of them return. Once at least one of the assigned occupants are present in the room, they can accept or decline visitors at their leisure (excluding staff members and their roommate).

During head-checks and emergencies, once occupants return to their rooms, the doors automatically seal themselves and no one is permitted to leave or enter until the seals are released by the doctors themselves.

★ Can my character share a room with someone else?
Upon admittance to the hospital, characters are automatically assigned a roommate based on gender and are generally not allowed to switch unless they appeal to the staff. If your character lacks a defined gender in their canon, we ask players to pick the gender that you feel your character associates themselves with.
While a character may not be able to ask for the room reassignment they want, we will be open to listen to the player. If you have an issue with the roommate your character has been assigned, be it a problem with their player or a problem with the character, go to a mod and we'll try to work something out. Or, if your character wishes to make an appeal ICly due to your character being worried about their current roommate (either for their own personal safety or the safety of their roommate), they can put in their written request HERE at the reception desk. (NOTE: Characters may not always be granted their requests 100% of the time depending on how the mods feel the severity of their cases are.)

For the most part, we try to avoid taking requests for roommates, so we still may not allow you to choose who you room with, we will simply reassign you to whatever other room is open. RECEPTION DESK

★ A plot I want to play out has the potential to affect more than five characters, or possibly even the whole community. What is the protocol for handling this?
When in doubt, go to the mods! We try not to turn down player-invented plots as much as possible, but sometimes we want to set some of our own guidelines as well, just to keep things from getting to an unmanageable point. If your plot has the potential to affect more than a small handful of characters, even if you're not sure it actually will, please make it a habit to clear it with a mod first. That way, in the event something does get out of hand, the mods will have come up with a counter-plot to help get things back under control.

★ Can there be "doubles" of a character as long as they hail from a different series? (IE: Final Fantasy vs Kingdom Hearts)
This differs from case to case, so please go to a mod before you put the effort into an application. For the most part, we will allow doubles of a character as long as they come from two completely different canon sources. Continuations where a character is still aware of their original universe or follows the timeline of their original universe will not be allowed, so please keep that in mind when applying (IE: Dante from Devil May Cry 2 and Dante from Devil May Cry 3 would not both be allowed in the game at the same time, whereas Dante in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne might be). Again, go to a mod first and we'll talk it out.

★ Can my characters filter/private/lock their entries?
Characters can filter entries and responses from each other, but keep in mind that the staff members still have full access to everything that goes on. It is their network, after all, and they know all the tricks and tips on how to use it. Sort of. Maybe.

★ What is AP's policy on Fourth-Wall breaking?
Sometimes it's just inevitable. There are characters that come from series where they are just aware of the fact that they're from a series. However, just because YOU are okay with it does not necessarily mean that everyone else will be, so PLEASE make sure to get the player's permission before breaking the magical Fourth Wall.
If someone says that your character does not have permission to point out that their character is fictional, then please respect that and just veer your character away from mentioning it. This goes for having your character mention it to anyone else, either. If a player tells you not to spill the beans, then don't do it.

And even if someone DOES say that you're allowed to break the fourth wall, please keep in mind that we don't want the crack to get too out of control. If it is at all possible, try to avoid fourth wall breaking and certainly don't rely on it too often.

It may be funny once in a while... but it gets old, too, and we don't really want to see it devour the game whole. Everything in moderation, yes?

★ Can my character use chat/netspeak? What about internet memes or pop culture references?
Yes and no. PLEASE pay attention to the time period and universe your character hails from. Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 will most likely have no idea who Christina Aguilera is and will not own a CD of her greatest hits. Sorry Cloud, but you're not a Genie In a Bottle even if you do think you are What A Girl Wants.
BE CAREFUL WITH THE CHATSPEAK. Yeah, it's funny. Yeah, we love a good laugh. And yeah, we're all pretty much guilty of the occasional "lol" every now and then. Does that automatically mean your character would actually know about all of these terms, however? Not at all.

Some characters ARE aware of terms such as: BRB, LOL, etc. But just because one character is doesn't mean that everyone else automatically is. So before you start cramming your responses full of net lingo, please take the time to seriously think about whether or not your character would really have any knowledge of these things. This doesn't mean your character can't learn these terms over time, but when they first start out? Don't expect them to be internet pros.

Crack is funny, we really love it, but sometimes it gets WAY out of hand. If you REALLY want to have cracky funtimes, AP does have a spam community. feedtheflytrap for players to use at their leisure. [SPAM COMM.]

★ Why is it taking so long to get to my application? It's been x-many days!
Not every one of our mods are well-versed in every movie, video game, or book in existence and we may not always know about the series your character is coming from. DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. We have to take time to do a little reading up about the series your applying from. Chances are, we HAVE seen your application and we aren't trying to ignore you.
Please don't nag the mods about your application.
If you really feel that the mods may have made a mistake and have skipped over your app (ie: you see we've accepted many applications that were submitted AFTER yours), THEN bring it up to us and we'll try to handle it. But if there are two or three apps that have been sitting there for a week, please don't nag a mod about it. It may be an issue of time on the mods part and we still do plan to get to it as soon as we can. It isn't exactly helpful to have to defend out real lives just because it took us a week to look at an application properly.

★ What's the difference between a log post and a journal post?
See here: answer

★ Can my character get pregnant?
Upon arriving to Tredecim, it can be assumed that characters are now sterile. Or at least their bodies are behaving that way. If they were to return home (ie: you "reset" your character and bring them back), during that time they would have been restored back to normal. But while in the hospital itself, it is impossible for them to procreate.

★ Are obvious non-humanoids (IE: talking animals, aliens, demons, robots, and so on) allowed?
It's perfectly acceptable! Just remember that they are still susceptible to anything the doctors choose to throw at them, just like the regular humans. Any medicines applied to the regular humans will have the exact same effects on anyone else. In the case of robots, if it applies to the situation, an alternative may be specified.

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